SaaS Cloud distribution case study UK

Wholesale Distribution (Electronics and devices used in businesses which sell products to retail)


Client Profile

Distributor and wholly-owned subsidiary of a billion-dollar global corporation in innovative electronic products which are OEM and which are a part of a product set sold in retail computer stores.


Business Challenges

Client needed:





Massive increase in productivity, more revenues [more orders], reduced costs and better client relationships. The system vastly improved the company's professional image to end clients; along with providing a secure, scalable and business-process specific solution. It was not a 'cookie cutter' template solution or the one-size-fits-all model.

Client Feedback:

“The process to build out a customized hybrid Cloud premised solution, using a SaaS model, on top of a PaaS, was lengthy, but necessary endeavor. It forced us to reconsider all of our business processes, assumptions and what we were doing and why. It was vital in the general reformation of our business model. The ROI will be less than one year. An outstanding system, with excellent vendor support.” [Robert McCall VP Sales UK]