AWS Architecture Resources and Links



To build within AWS, we need to create Conceptual-Logical-Technical Architectures which incorporate Security, Monitoring and Non-Functional-Requirements.  Architecture Centre  and,


AWS Perspective visualization tool that quickly generates architecture diagrams of AWS Cloud workloads.

The following categories and links are key areas within AWS Architecting including:

1-Well Architected Framework

2-Cloud Migration

3-Global Infra

4-Scalable and Automated Solutions


6-DNS, Private Link

7-Load Balancing

8-Caching and CDN





1-Well Architected Framework


2-Cloud Adoption and Migration


3-Global AWS Infrastructure


4-Building Scalable Automated Solutions


5-Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)


6-DNS and PrivateLink


7-Load Balancing and Route 53

LB is essentially for scalability and security.  You can have Application LBs or Network LBs (or both).

R53 DNS failover schema explained.


8-Caching and Content Delivery Network (CloudFront)

CloudFront content delivery network to cache the content close to end users.  Often used with WAF.






11-Microservices and Serverless Architectures


12-Other Architecture Resources