AWS has introduced AMS - Amazon Managed Services.  This is a MSP model that is quite new.  AMS provides a scaled down set of APIs and services one finds in the general AWS platform. The MSP model is where a firm outsources to the MSP the IS/IT assets which could include all hardware, networking, applications, software, NOC, Help Desk Levels 1 and 2. AWS MSP is focused on supporting the subset of APIs and services one finds on the general platform.  This could be useful for a firm who wants to deploy assets into the physical-logical VPC of AWS but does not want to manage them and does not desire to have in-house expertise of the width and breadth to manage the platform.

AMS is brand new.  Few reference architectures exist.  The benefits of AMS could include:

Demerits could include:

AMS is still a model in development and the benefits of using AMS versus the general platform are not yet, widely known.

Below presentation provides an overview of the AMS process and a project deployment (a real one).