Budget about US$3.000 per direct IT staff for an AWS migration



AWS Migration and its challenges

Having more than one million users, and 90% of the total Cloud industry capacity in infrastructure and platform availability; the AWS or Amazon Web Services cloud platform is becoming a de facto standard. In order to properly capitalise on the benefits of running your workloads of data in the AWS cloud, many organisations already have, or at the very least are considering, an AWS Migration in order to properly manage their IT infrastructure. AWS is not however, all that simple to use. You will need training and new skills development.

With years of experience in Cloud migration, AWS migration and maintaining and running Cloud CRM software in order to optimise business processes, we can make a few observations about AWS.


AWS Migration and its Essential Benefits


Migrating to AWS will allow you to have access to a variety of complex cloud methodologies as well as different cloud hybrid models which are specifically designed to enhance your data handling process. Importantly AWS uses a best of breed tool and components approach, so you will be forced to properly understand, revise, re-code, document, organise, clean and extract your IS and corporate data. The embedded best of breed approach at all levels of the IT stack is a primary benefit of moving from your own corporate data centre to a market leading infrastructure.


Challenges Related to AWS Migration


Migrating to the AWS cloud is not an easy task to handle as there are a lot of tasks and details at every level of the stack, to be considered and taken into account. The components and levels within AWS can be complex and you will need to train your engineers, network admin staff and other IT resources in the various AWS layers. In other words your IT skills will be changed, improved, upgraded and exposed to leading edge ideas. You should budget US$3000 per individual, to retrain your staff.


Some challenges - a few amongst many:










These are just some of the issues with AWS. To properly deploy a hybrid cloud model on AWS training will be necessary and you should budget about US$3000 per person to develop the requisite skills in deploying and managing your hybrid cloud application.