Migration to cloud platform


Despite the high cost of on-premise ERP systems, some companies are reluctant to move their ERP to the cloud. The main reason is that the migration process may appear to be difficult, and the storage and usage of important data in the cloud may be potentially dangerous.


A list of potential issues associated with ERP cloud migration would include:


Some experts also add the following risks to the list:


In terms of implementation, one doesn’t need to purchase extra equipment in order to move the system. To adapt to business specifics you only need to change the settings of the existing cloud solution according to the demands of your enterprise.


Among the basic security and reliability threats for cloud ERPs we can include the following:


The important fact is that there are certain ways to minimize the risks, for instance, by means of a dedicated VLAN, differentiated access permissions to a virtual data center, vGate, and vShield EDGE.

There is also another issue which is more of a drawback, rather than a threat. Currently, cloud ERP systems do not allow proper monitoring of each and every user’s work due to the incomplete functions of log tracking, broadcasting and displaying of warning messages.

All of these risks can be mitigated and resolved. It takes precise planning, a good partner, and a detailed methodology.