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Potential issues associated with ERP OpenSource use in the cloud


Cloud ERP premised systems, based on 'Open Source' technology; or technology and code which is usually 'free', supported by a community, with open APIs, would seem to offer many advantages. If the platform is real, being used, and already has been built around a Web Services architecture, it stands to reason that it should be cheaper, robust enough and vendor neutral. Not being locked in to one vendor is a Holy Grail among Cloud users. However, the reality of Open Source can be quite different than the marketing suggests.


In the real world, the seemingly ‘free’ software platform will of course cost money. It is quite common knowledge that Open Source ERP systems will most likely contain bugs and poorly written modules which can lead to data being lost, or the system not performing as advertised. Here is the general list of potential difficulties one finds with Open Source Cloud ERP platforms:


If you want to try an Open Source ERP-Cloud solution.....


Here are some issues to consider:







Open Source ERPs for the Cloud are a possible solution for some firms, perhaps those who have no legacy ERP systems to worry about, or to migrate. However, most larger firms have something in house which manages their business process. If this is true, than you are better off migrating your own code and modules to the Cloud and then linking back using secure layers, to the non-Cloud premised and still usable, ERP system internally. For firms with legacy investments in ERP systems, it usually does not make a lot of sense to move to another ERP Cloud platform, about which they will have little knowledge or control.