In general, there are 3 critical steps in transforming your business with Cloud Technology and to create competitive advantage, along with gaining new ideas, creating new services or products, and retaining your existing client base:

Step 1: Model the Data

1.Understand, affirm or create, your Data models, Logical Models, Conceptual Models

Step 2: Transform your IT;

2.Transformation of your IT processes and systems using Cloud Platforms based on your Data which is now clean, modelled and understood

Step 3: Transform the Business;

3.Transformation of the business process, through better Data, and improved IT processes

The Cloud is the greatest channel for comprehending and then transforming your Data – IT and Business systems.  Key points within our IP methodology are mentioned below:

Data Transformation:

IT Transformation:

Business Transformation:

How to do it

Model the Data;

  1. Use appropriate modelling tools, depending on the architectures you have.

Which will flow into a;

  1. Detailed methodology which will identify what assets can be moved to the Cloud and why [ROI]

Which allows clients to use;

  1. BI and PI [Predictive Intelligence] tools in the Cloud, to identify data relationships, new ideas, new products and revenue streams and areas of competitive advantage.

These 3 objectives are the real drivers of Cloud adoption. 

Cloud Transformation:  Data –> IS/IT –> Business Transformation