Move to the Cloud: Migrating to the Cloud


  1. Migration of COTS to AWS or Azure
  2. Migrating Workloads to AWS or Azure
  3. Migrating CRM/SFA to


Migrating to the Cloud


How we can help clients:

  1. Migrations and Transformations to Azure or AWS Cloud models
  2. Migrating older SFA, CRM legacy systems to the Cloud model
  3. Migrating to and helping firms set up SF Classic or Lightning


Example process:

1. Application Transformation:

2. Data Transformation:

3. Business Transformation:

We can also help clients migrate older CRM/SFA systems into using migrating, Data Warehousing, ETL, and Data-seeding tools. AWS Redshift for example can be used as a target DW to extract and load data sets, before exporting them to the SF platform.


  • Overview of Migrating Business Applications to the Cloud

    Cloud Migration of Apps.pdf