Cloud Computing Videos

Cloud Computing for most firms usually involves the following:

1)  Cloud and Mobile Enabling your ERP, client server or legacy systems

2)  Cloud and Mobile enabling, usually your sales, field, remote workforce

3)  Integrating Cloud Computing with your existing systems

4)  Leveraging your investments in your current computing platforms into Distributed computing [or the Cloud]


Migrating to a hybrid Cloud platform is both a necessity and a challenge.  

Very few firms need to go to a pure Cloud.


There are many issues in taking all or part of, a client-server, ERP or legacy system to the Cloud.  

Too often firms do not do enough planning as to what should be put into the distributed cloud model.  

The obvious questions are not answered:  

1)  what should be cloud enabled, why, for whom, how much will it cost, and

2)  what are the details around new coding for web based services, code improvements, refactoring, and documentation?  

Hosting considerations, security levels, not using ROI metrics, are other key and very common issues.